Strategic Approach: Creating a Global Energy Hub to Monetize Gas Reserves

Regional Challenges and Opportunities Require Regional Solutions

Seizing the Significant Opportunity

  • "The region should emerge as the next global hub for natural gas export"

  • "Addressing challenges to monetize gas reserves is crucial"

The Eastern Mediterranean is not just rich in hydrocarbon resources; it's ripe with potential. But potential alone isn't enough. Stranded fields like Aphrodite in Cyprus and underutilized reserves like Leviathan in Israel highlight the gap between resource availability and commercialization. Investment in liquefaction facilities and pipeline infrastructure is imperative. Without it, the region's dream of becoming a global energy hub could remain unfulfilled.

Successful Commercialization Requires a Stable and Diverse Customer Base

Strategic Export and Monetization

  • "Export optionality via LNG and pipeline strategy is key"

  • "Alignment with global market demand is essential"

To fully capitalize on the gas surplus, a robust export strategy involving LNG and pipelines is vital. This requires regional collaboration and alignment with global market trends. The Eastern Mediterranean needs an independent operator focused on regional development to inspire confidence in long-term buyers, ensuring that the gas reserves are competitively priced and globally marketable.

The Opportunity Requires Significant Infrastructure Development

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

  • "Financing and developing infrastructure is our focus"

  • "A regional approach to acquisition and project development is necessary"

The region's burgeoning energy sector faces immense challenges, primarily in infrastructure development. Cynergy is committed to addressing these challenges through a regionally aligned strategy, ensuring that the East Med’s complex geological and geopolitical landscape is navigated effectively, promoting cross-border trade and collaboration.

Long-Term Commitment to the Region – No Matter the Complexities

Sustainable and Responsible Growth

  • "A sensitive stakeholder management approach is crucial"

  • "Cynergy is dedicated to the Eastern Mediterranean's energy security"

The complexities of the Eastern Mediterranean require a nuanced approach. Cynergy's commitment to the region extends beyond short-term goals. With a focus on offshore upstream and midstream infrastructure development, as well as investment in downstream industries, Cynergy is not just investing in energy assets but in the region's long-term prosperity and stability.

Cynergy's Unique Focus and Approach

The Cynergy Difference

  • "Entrepreneurial focus on developing East Med assets"

  • "Solely focused on the region's needs and opportunities"

Cynergy stands apart with its entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated focus on the Eastern Mediterranean. We’re not just another operator; we’re a visionary force, tailored to the region's specific needs. Our approach is methodical, grounded in extensive planning and careful consideration, free from the constraints that might hinder other major operators or private equity firms.

Committed to Sustainable Growth and Environmental Protection

Responsibility and Empowerment

  • "Protecting communities and the environment is paramount"

  • "Creating local jobs and expertise is fundamental"

Cynergy’s roots in the Eastern Mediterranean make us inherently committed to the region's wellbeing. We prioritize not just the monetization of energy assets but also the welfare of our communities and the environment. Our aspiration is to drive sustainable, long-term growth that benefits everyone in the region.

Cynergy's Involvement in Developing the Region's Resources Serves Local Interest

Local Impact and Global Relevance

  • "Utilizing existing LNG terminals as part of our wider strategy"

  • "Addressing geopolitical and political risks to expedite development"

Cynergy’s involvement in the region goes beyond mere asset development; it's about empowering local markets and addressing the challenges faced by public companies in the region. Our entry into this landscape brings capital, expertise, and a focused approach that can expedite and empower the development of Eastern Mediterranean gas resources in a regionally aligned way.

The Cynergy Difference: A Catalyst for Change

Empowering Collaboration and Development

  • "A strong stakeholder base and dedicated team drive our success"

  • "Collaboration with current operators can enhance success"

Cynergy is poised to catalyze the full development and monetization of Eastern Mediterranean gas resources. Our approach, marked by a strong stakeholder base and a dedicated team, represents a unique opportunity for collaboration and structured transactions that can elevate the success of current operators and regional stakeholders alike.