Collaboration on East Med Energy Vision:

Vision Statement:

"Illuminating the Future: Transforming East Med's Energy Landscape through forcing regional collaboration via Cynergy market entry strategy"

Our vision at Cynergy East Med LLC is to revolutionize the Eastern Mediterranean energy sector. By harnessing our unique blend of diplomatic insight, strategic acumen, and investment expertise, we aim to transform stranded energy assets into pioneering, sustainable energy solutions. Our approach is not just about energy; it's about forging a brighter, more stable future for the region, where every energy venture becomes a beacon of economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Mission Statement:

"Empowering Regional Prosperity through Strategic Energy Innovation"

At Cynergy East Med LLC, under the guidance of Mike Germanos, our mission is to consolidate, develop, and monetize the East Med region’s stranded energy assets through a multifaceted strategic approach. We leverage our board's extensive experience in Gulf diplomacy, Israeli strategic interests, and UK-US international relations to create cohesive, large-scale projects that resonate with the region's political, environmental, and economic fabric. Furthermore we leverage the deep industrial insights and experience of our team to see such projects through long term development.

Our goal is to transform currently sub-monetised assets into profitable and long term sustainable ventures, contributing not only to the energy security of the East Med region but also to its overall economic development and stability.

Through our innovative and integrated strategies, we are committed to being the driving force behind the East Med region's energy future, ensuring long-term prosperity and growth.